Has anyone tried the melt method? (Self-Care. Managing body pain)

Here is a link if you haven’t heard of the melt method.


After a recent ‘breach’ of my boundaries by an abusive family member, I have experienced an escalation of body pain. I believe it’s from stress (the ‘S’ in PTSD is a nasty thing that can cause all sorts of issues!); and possibly some spiritual warfare as well. I’ve been asking for prayers and praying myself and it has helped a lot as well. I’ve upped my self-care as well.

BUT: The melt method, of self-care and body pain management, has now been suggested to me three times in the past week from different sources/friends. That seems too prescient to ignore.

So if you have read this far, I appreciate prayers for healing and protection as well as any feedback on this exercise method. Have you tried it? Heard about it? Have you practiced it at home, or with a certified instructor at a gym? Did it help you manage your pain?

Author: justsaltwriter

I am a writer living in America. A Christian hoping to live up to that name. This is my anonymous blog. I am in recovery from abuse and on this blog I will touch on those topics. I hope to obey Jesus and let my light shine in a world which is growing ever darker.

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