When You are Little, You Notice the Little Things.

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I have a little blog with little traffic. Some times, I can tell when someone has liked a post but hasn’t actually read it; or made a decision to follow me based on actual content. (Since they clearly didn’t read any.)

I know, I know, some existing subscribers like to read posts directly in their emails and when they do that; it won’t generate any traffic…

But when the blogger who just liked several posts, without seeming to have read them, is not a follower and is also the owner of a ‘marketing’ blog… or happens to have just posted about a (fee-based) guest blogger opportunity…I call it click bait. And I presume that little blogs with few likes and few followers are more likely to become targeted by the big blogs who naturally think us little blogs can’t wait to grow up and be big blogs; just like them! And so we will be indebted to their ‘like’ or their ‘follow’ and thereby like and follow them right back, increasing their own following and likes…or maybe we might even buy what they are selling.

This actually doesn’t happen all that much anymore, although a few recent likes did give me some pause…but back when I was very little, my earliest ‘fans’ all had very large blog followings of their own, and most of them dropped off liking my posts after it was clear I had become a regular follower of theirs. Coincidence? Or am I just jaded?

Well, jade is a favorite color; so there’s that. Sometimes I wish that WordPress was a tiny bit more like twitter wherein you could clearly see the follower/following ratios. That would make it all far more interesting. All of which has me pondering what exactly Jesus meant by His comment that in order to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven we must change and become as little children. Are we jaded; and need to return to being trusting children? Do we need to regain our innocence? What is truly meant by this comment  that Jesus made anyway?

Little children are still sinful- innocent as we might like to make them out to be- they aren’t. Little children are not exactly trusting by nature either–babies reach a certain age and are often scared to go into the arms of strangers. But, little children are aware of the little things, far more so than grown ups. They are more honest too. They know that darkness is inherently creepy and light is much better. Little children take in the little things in ways that grown ups tend to brush off or rationalize. They haven’t learned to posture themselves and be fake. They are real. They like what they like and ignore what they do not.

And so it is the little things, when you are little… Like comments! That is where it is at; for me. Show me you actually read my stuff with a thoughtful comment, and then I will be intrigued about you, will inevitably read YOURS and probably will comment back. Though I completely understand why someone would be content with a blog with a little OR large following; without feeling the need to comment back or follow back or ‘like’ back. I’m good with it ALL, really. Except, well, being click bait. It’s fake, for one. Plus, it’s kind of voyeuristic when you think about it. To view a mere title on a new post and then click like or follow simply in order to use something you know nothing about for your own purposes…


When I was a child, I definitely noticed the little things. It frequently terrified me, being so hyper-aware. Sometimes that hyper awareness saved me from further abuse, other times I was made to feel even smaller and was abused because of having those natural intuitions and fears. Regardless, the way some men would stare at me when I was wearing a swimsuit was never lost on me. I noticed the way adults in my family talked or laughed like a villain from a movie I shouldn’t have been allowed to watch. And I still shudder at how certain grown ups, and one dentist, carefully gauged my mom’s reactions while winking at me right in front of her.

I decided who was trustworthy, and who was not, by the little things. I didn’t figure out how to guard my time and talents from those who would drain it, though, until I was older. Other than that, though: Not much has changed.

I hope to stay little in as many ways as I can; including blogging.





Author: justsaltwriter

Life has given me clearer skies and much better mental health. Therefore I felt it was time to overhaul my blog. Some old posts remain, as do a few followers. Other posts may be revived in the future. Thanks for being there for me while I walked through the fog of abuse. ❤️

13 thoughts on “When You are Little, You Notice the Little Things.”

  1. Interesting you write about that. My son has the greatest perception of people, he can read them quickly, and accurately. He can sense creepy (men) from a mile a way. I’ve wondered throughout the years if my filter was some how altered due to my upbringing and what was acceptable. I’m so thankful for his wisdom! Hoping you stay just as you’d like. 🙂

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    1. Aww, thanks Mishka for the kindness. One book that really ‘changed my life’ is called ‘The Gift of Fear’ by Gavin DeBecker, he goes into that ‘sense’ you speak of your son having and how that kind of fear is good and is a ‘gift’, it really changed my perception of things and helped me not only accept myself as someone who is not ‘fearful’ but ‘aware’ of danger and it helped me walk stronger in ‘who I really am’!!

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      1. I should offer a trigger warning though as it was at times a very hard book to read (it details real life situations where people narrowly escaped being murdered, attacked, etc. and shows how their innate ‘fears’ actually saved them from a worse fate), but it really did help me understand why I am the ‘way I am’ and also to allow my intuition to flow freely rather than thinking it’s a ‘bad’ thing to be ‘fearful’ all the time — if that makes sense 😊

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  2. I think we blog for many reasons… and we are often the click bait, even in life, for purposes that are not our own. A child is perceptive, why do we lose that as we grow? Well, as you said, we don’t. We learn to be fake. I’m not sure about being jaded nor inheriting the kingdom of Heaven… but I do know in this life, be we big or little, it is about communicating with any who reach out by first assessing if their interests are pure. We are never right 100% of the time… so we learn, sometimes getting very hurt in the process. No fault of our own. Write for you, those who are worth you time, pure intentions will communicate. This was a very thought provoking post. 😊💜

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    1. ^^^^ to all of what you wrote, so well said! Yes, indeed, we are often ‘click bait’, and being bombarded with advertisements constantly too. Sigh. The important thing is that we creative free spirits keep on keeping on and learn to just move around that stuff, haha. Have a great day!

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  3. I don’t know what provoked most of my followers to follow me. I used to give new followers the benefit of the doubt and follow back and attempt to interact by engaging with their content, but it’s gotten to a point where most of the people who follow never comment on my posts or even give a quick star…so now, I have a pretty tight circle of blogs I keep up with, and someone has to like a few posts and leave a thoughtful comment for me to consider following them. As petty as it may same, I’ve had to become this way to stop wasting so much of my time reaching out to people who never had genuine intentions. I suppose a large following seems impressive at first glance, but I kinda wish that only “real” bloggers would follow me.

    I like your musings about children being unjaded and noticing the little things. It’s a struggle as an adult to reject the “cynicism is clever” line and reach back to a mental state of being bright-eyed and open.

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    1. Lily, totally relate and I am doing the same now, and my enjoyment factor is SO MUCH more now too, thanks for stopping by and reading (and commenting, LOL). ❤️❤️


  4. Oh, I am so with you on the click baiting. Or leaving a comment with a link to their newest post asking me to please read it.

    I have close to 600 followers now and only a third of them would I consider real followers. Some of them binge read on the weekends and I get a lot of notifications. But that’s easy considering my daily inspirations. But a heartfelt comment on a post means more to me than a thousand likes on a post.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading! (and commenting❤️❤️🤣). I think the good stuff often happens in the comments section anyway — it’s where we connect deeper and get further inspiration and wisdom from one another. It’s my favorite part of blogging. Have a blessed day!

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