“I saw great faith”

I saw great faith among the Nazi’s during the war, but it was in the wrong person.

Corrie TenBoom, from the book Plenty For Everyone

I’ve been reading Corrie TenBoom’s books over the winter. I am seeing many parallels between what she lived through and our current times. Learning how other followers of Jesus endured through hard times is inspiring to me.

When I got sick with PTSD and went through CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) to heal, one of the basic tenants was to examine my fears. I first had to determine whether or not those fear thoughts were rational or irrational. Many times my fears were not based on any rational thing and were easy enough to refute (2 Corinthians 10:5 We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.). So I took the thought captive and dismissed it.

For those times when a fear proved to be rational, then the refuting process is a bit different. It often involved coming up with a plan of action.

And so part of my plan of action, as I saw what was unfolding before me the past year of Covid lockdowns etc., (wherein I saw that there were many valid, rational ‘concerns’) in order to better prepare myself for this hour I am now living in: was to be in prayer and word of course. In addition, I felt a desire to study what other Christians had done in the past, when living through troubling times. That is how I ended up with a slew of Corrie TenBoom’s books on my table.

It has proven very fruitful to do that. I highly recommend reading about the faith of believers, like Corrie TenBoom, who have gone through very real times of persecution in the past.

For it seems we are once again in a time where people around us are displaying great faith, but in the wrong person (or people, or things, including IMO: vaccines).